Please inspect your merchandise as soon as you receive it. We must be notified of any problems or defects within 48 hours (2 days) of receiving the merchandise. Should you have any problems with the merchandise, please contact our customer service department at Our customer service department will then issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All returns MUST be accompanied by an RMA number.

Following a thorough inspection, your return will be deemed acceptable or unacceptable. If your return is deemed acceptable under the proper condition of which the return was made, an exchange can then be made. If the return is deemed unacceptable under the conditions it was to be returned for, then a formal email will be issued outlining the reasons, as followed by the policies set in place; and the item will be returned along with a printed justification.

We accept return of all products that are defective, or shipped in error. All Returns must adhere to the return and exchange policy above.

Returning Merchandise

              Please inspect your merchandise as soon as you receive it. We must be notified of any problems via our customer support at Please follow the instructions for the proper way of making a return.

  1. Include a copy of the original invoice.

  2. Write the RMA number on the invoice.

  3. Please return merchandise in the original box or packaging, with all manuals and any other materials that came with the product.

   4. Return items to the designated location in the return procedures email.




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