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To tell if your jewelry is Sterling Silver versus silver plated, check the clasp for a marking that says 9.25, 925, SS or Sterling. If your jewelry does not have any of these markings, it is probably only silver plated. However, there are some instances where jewelry makers do not “stamp” their jewelry. In these cases, you can try a few things to determine the authenticity of your Silver jewelry.

Magnet Test

Most precious metals like gold and silver are nonmagnetic. Use a magnet against your silver jewelry to see if they are drawn to the magnet. Silver does not exhibit magnetic properties. If the magnet sticks to the jewelry, then it has a ferromagnetic core and it is not silver.

Odor Test

Sterling Silver is odorless; it does not have a noticeable odor. If you notice a distinct smell of Sulphur or metallic scent, then it is not Sterling Silver.

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