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We do not give refunds under any circumstances (including but not limited to missing items). The only exception is if a duplicate payment was made by a customer for a single order (duplicate payment made in error).

  1. We only issue store credit for missing items, and items out of stock.

  2. We give store credit for approved returns under specified conditions

  3. Shipping costs are not credited or refunded

  4. Exchanges carry a 48 hour notification (separate from warranty items).


Exchanges of merchandise bought on our website are subject to certain conditions.


Exchanges can be done;

  1. If you received the wrong product or incorrect item on your order.

  2. If original item ordered is defective but is currently out of stock and similar product is available.


Exchange Policy

              Each category of merchandise has its own exchange policy. The policy or condition for exchanges for merchandise is listed below. Notice of any defects must be given to customer support at within 48 hours (2 days) of receiving the item(s). Before any exchanges can be made, items must be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. After an RMA number is issued, the item(s) must be returned using the return procedures outlined (see Returns). The item(s) will be subject to an inspection before an exchange is granted. Approvals of exchanges are guided by the policies set in place in this document (see Returns).


Exchanges on Watches – may be given if watch is found defective (see warranty), then another watch may be issued of the exact same brand and model. If in the event that watch may not be in stock, then another watch of equal value may be exchanged. Watches are subject to warranty and return policy before exchange can be made. If a watch is found defective or in error upon arrival, please do not wear the watch, or have the watch sized (links removed to fit you).


Exchanges on Belts – may be given if the buckle mechanism is found defective and does not function as it is supposed to. Exchange may also be given if the Leather belt arrives faulty, cut, severed or damaged upon receiving it.


Exchanges on Jewelry – may be given if the jewelry arrives faulty (catch does not work), missing a piece or is severed. If jewelry is broken, missing stones (if made with stones), missing or broken hook.


Exchange on Sunglasses – may be given if found defective upon arrival. This could include broken/bent lenses, handles or other pieces that make up the eye wear; also includes missing screws and parts. Exchanges for sunglasses are subject to the 48 hour policy as sunglasses do not carry warranty.


Exchange on Fragrances – may be given if the pump mechanism is not functioning and prevents the fragrance from be used. If the bottle is cracked or broken and fragrance is leaking out (or has leaked out).


Exchange on Wallets and Socks – if wallet/socks is incomplete, cut, torn, or tattered.


If you feel that you have received the wrong product, please contact customer support at within 48 hours of receiving the product.


Exchange on Incorrect Item(s)

              Please inspect your merchandise as soon as you receive your item(s). If you recognize that the item(s) you ordered are not correct, please notify customer service at immediately. Any incorrect item(s) received must not be used nor worn; they must stay in their new condition and unopened. If incorrect item is found to be opened or used, your exchange will be nullified and void. Incorrect orders are defined as the item(s) on the invoice being different from the actual item(s) received. An incorrect order is not considered as an order you intended to make but the wrong items were selected and paid for. If you paid for an item you did not intend to get, please notify customer service at immediately. In this case, only an exchange on the item will be given. If the item you wish to exchange cost more, an invoice to complete the balance may be issued and sent to you. Such invoices have a time limit before expiration. If the item you wish to exchange cost less than the invoiced item, a store credit for an item with a value of the balance will be issued. Store credits can only be used once, and they are subject to an expiration date of seven (7) days after date of issuance.


Exchange on Out of Stock Item(s)

              Please inspect your merchandise as soon as you receive your item(s). If you recognize any damages to your product upon arrival please notify customer service at If your item(s) is/are received as defective, or in error, and the item(s) is/are out of stock for a replacement, then an exchange shall be given for an item of equal value. Store credit can also be given for out of stock items. However, store credits can only be used once, and they are subject to an expiration date of seven (7) days.

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