It's what you see, the first impression, the lasting impression that defines you. Your look, your style, the appearance of the person you are, can turn heads, create gossip, and lock in the stares of everyone around, making you the center of attention. Cast an illusion that is elusive, uniquely you, and one of a kind. Let eyes gaze, becoming engulfed by a spectacle of astonishment. Everyone watches, whether you notice or not; The Look Says it All. People say, "Don't watch nothing", but we dare you to WATCH THIS!


Established in the fall of 2018, Watch This is a sole proprietary online retail web-store that caters to jewelry and fashion accessories. Although web-based, Watch This is a fully Bahamian owned business, operated in New Providence, Bahamas.

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How To Order 

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New Arrivals

The Marquise - Rose Gold


Red Crystal Silver Elephant Necklace


Formal Necktie Set - Purple


Heat Rush by Beyonce - 3.4 oz

Out of Stock

Ladies Wallet Bag - Tan


Perfect Circle Necklace - Rose Gold


Nautica Classic - 3.4oz


Fancy Rectangle CZ Pave Necklace - Rose Gold


Key To Your Heart Necklace - Rose Gold

Out of Stock

Lauryn Classic - Purple

Out of Stock

Angel Wings Cross Necklace - Rose Gold


Marvelous "Marry Me" Ring


Lucky Clover Leaf Necklace - Rose Gold


Alexandria Classic - Gold


Heart To Heart Necklace